Our Counseling Services

Our GiveBak Program


Our GiveBak Program was launched April 1st, 2018, as Integrity Counseling & Wellness took the initiative to grow stronger and healthier future generations! As part of our dedication to social change, we commit to community efforts to reduce violence through donations to InterAct. 

Dedicated to ending the cycle of domestic and sexual violence in Wake County, North Carolina, InterAct saves lives, rebuilds lives, and secures safer futures for victims and survivors and their families. Among the various programs, InterAct provides a Youth Education Services (YES) Program specifically designed to reach out to children and youth to help them learn what it means to be in healthy relationships. 

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Achieve Success Together


Couples therapy may be utilized between partners as a method of prevention or to resolve issues when they arise. Many couples find themselves in a constant conflict with no where to turn. If this sounds like you, we are prepared to help guide your relationship back to the right path using insight into relational patterns and practical techniques for success. 

Experience A Better You


We utilize a research-based array of therapeutic techniques to ensure best outcomes. Our goal is to collaborate with clients to achieve results. Individual therapy works through one-to-one sessions with your counselor to help relieve anxiety and/or depression. In initial sessions, therapist and client work together to build this relationship based upon trust, safety, and acceptance. We can help you experience the results you want and live a happier life.


Our Difference

Informed Treatment


We recognize the difficulty in finding a therapist that truly fits. Here are a few ways that we stand out from the rest:

  • We strive to be the best and show our quality in each session we provide
  • We continue to individualize services in an ongoing effort to see that you and your loved ones are successful
  • We meet you where you are and are flexible with our approaches
  • We work to maintain current knowledge of evidenced-based treatment
  • We intend to motivate social change and expand future services to meet community needs

Creating Healthier Families


Our counselors utilize an integrative approach to therapy and strive to create a trusting and open counseling environment. We are experienced in treating depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and many other concerns. Your comfort with self-expression is a top priority, so you will find our counselors are inviting and non-judgmental with those whom they serve. We enjoy providing new insight and guidance and prove to be individualized in meeting your family's needs.

Healing The Past


Distress and trauma counseling is provided to those with concerns that have had a profound effect on their worldview. Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy was developed as a top treatment for post-traumatic stress. With time and research, it has been modified for depression, anxiety, addictions, and other issues. EMDR is a rapid and powerful treatment that does not present the level of discomfort as traditional talk therapy. It is endorsed by the World Health Organization, American Psychiatric Association, and the Department of Defense. Experience freedom today with our trauma-informed treatment.